Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Adventure delay

Sorry about that but for some reason the blog was misbehaving.

So to continue. I am delighted to say that the radiotherapy treatment to my head has now been completed and the great team behind it all say it went very well. When they are pleased believe me, I am pleased. They are a fantastic team.

Last Friday several others of our radiotherapy group finished their treatment too. Now they, like me, move on and it was heartwarming to see the radiotherapy staff show them such friendship and support as they left the unit. Their faces are etched on my memory forever.

My next step awaits and I will keep you informed.

As a journalist you might expect a comment from me on the ongoing alleged hacking and more surrounding the News of the World and others.

From what I have read and giving myself the luxury of believing that a great deal of the allegations have the serious ring of truth my personal view is that some elements of our profession sank to  hitherto unplumbed depths and in so doing have caused immeasurable damage to their victims. This a disgrace and and cannot be forgiven. There is never a journalistic reason to damage people's lives.

But I hope it is accepted that that vast majority of working journalists then and now did not and do not operate in this way and should in no way be stained by the rotten apples in this sorry drama. It will take a lot, I suspect, for the public to trust in honest, professional journalism again. But I hope they will.

Many thanks for reading this and I hope no more delays.

Stay safe


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  1. I trust in honest, professional journalism because without it the world would be a lesser place.