Saturday, August 11, 2012

We miss you

This blog was started by my wonderful husband, Bob McGowan,  last year as a blog of hope and humour. He began it when he was first diagnosed with cancerous tumours and the idea was that he would detail the ups and downs of his treatment together with anecdotes from his career.
Unfortunately he was not given enough time to carry out this wish, and a year ago today he joined old friends and family in his “new bar” as our daughter puts it.    
I would like to say what this year has been like for me and my lovely family, but If I am not to betray the essence of this blog I feel I can only allow myself to say one thing – I miss him like mad, and so do Doug and Em.
He was the kindest, most loving, bravest and wisest person I ever had the privilege to know. I wish he was still here by my side.
He is deeply mourned by Pauline, Doug and Em.


  1. Dearest Dad,

    Have turned your house into a caravan park and spent all of your money. Mum is locked in a shed in the garden and when I remember I slip a few crackers under the door to stave her hunger.

    Still don't know who Doug is.

    I love you.

    Daughter x

  2. Hey there, Bob Cool,

    Obviously you dispelled my belief in Father Christmas when you fell over in my room, pissed and cursing, delivering presents apres pub.

    You could, however, redeem yourself, pull your little finger out and show off your celestial powers in this apparently festive season as Mum needs a little magic. One would appreciate a little help down here McGowan.

    You could help Mrs Johnny Briggs, Melissa, too. In fact, you could go crazy and give a little magic to everyone who had their heart broken by cancer.

    You could change could into will.

    Love ya Pop x