Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Five days on and I am going to win.
You are all marvellous, as is every single person on the staff here at Clinica Benidorm.
Thank you all, it would be much harder without you.  I am in your debt for ever.
Who would have believed from a cynical person like me, that the world is full of such
fantastic people?
Thank you again and stay safe.


  1. I have your credit card and I feel a shopping spree coming on. You're going to Hebe to get a shift on. Got my eyes on a Ferrari too.

  2. This Essex bird is sending you 'andbags full of "reem" ;-) xx

  3. Come on DAD!!!!!

    To quote Mr Manners, "For Christ's sake ... come on Bob, we are all rooting for you !!!!!!"

    And to all the wonderful staff, translators, especially Dominique and Britt and all of the truly wonderful nurses, Marie Carmen, Estaphania, Sophie, ALL of you, there are so many and ALL of the amazing Doctors at Clinica Benidorm, we are incredibly grateful to you for looking after our wonderful boy, Bob (Roberto!!) Ustedes son fantasticos!!!!! Gracias! X X X Don't give up on him! He will WIN!

  4. The Prince of Darkness says you owe him a half pint of the dark stuff. Shurely shome mishtake. Sure we can get even Jim to get his round in when you make it back to the Fleet Street bar. Keep up the good fight old son, Colin Adamson.

  5. Come on Dad, show 'em the stuff you're made of. Defy all the odds. You can do it. shrink those damn tumours. GET RID OF THEM. GET THEM OUT. They will NOT beat you. Goodbye pneumonia. GET OUT OF MY DAD NOW!!!!!!!!! XXXXXX

  6. Please everyone post comments. you can do it with a gmail account or facebook (ugh) or even twitter. He needs some ammo!
    No pressure! Thank you.

  7. I refuse to give up. I will never give up on you. I still believe you can do it. I don't care what anyone says. I am not giving up and I know you aren't either my beautiful precious Dad.

  8. I am emailing the world Dad. I will find a way out of this I promise you. I will not let you die.

  9. You can reprimand me for all my embarrassing comments when you're better. Sorry Dad. The most dangerous thing known to man: an emotional woman. One has got a grip so to speak.

  10. Dear Bob,
    Hope you got my message via Alun Rees. I'm still laughing at the idea of you being called 'Roberto'.
    Emma...go girl go! Tell your father that if he doesn't get better, you are buying that Ferrari and you'll be an instant magnet for unsuitable, gold-digging men that he needs to be around to fend off. That'll have him up and out of bed in a jiffy!
    Much love.