Thursday, June 30, 2011

More adventure

In the old Daily Express building in Fleet Street many years ago the powers that be liked to hang signs from the ceiling urging us all to do the right thing.

My favourite: "Cliches will be avoided like the plague."

Another read: "Make it early - make it accurate."

That changed after a disgruntled late night reporter armed with a roll of paper from the old Reuters or Associated Press teleprinter and a pot of glue climbed towards it in the early hours.

Those arriving fresh-faced in the morning saw: "Make it early - Make it up."

Happy days

Meanwhile, returning to Hospital Clinica Benidorm, my radiotherapy to the head continued. All is well.

Thanks for reading this and stay safe,

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  1. Another wag with a glue pot and a piece of paper made the sign read: Make it early, make it a curate.